Alex Pi | Tatuatore Trieste

Born in Padua in 1983, Alessandro Perticucci, aka Alex Pi, is the owner, founder, and main artist of Morbink Tattoo Parlour in Trieste. Alex started his career over 16 years ago, immediately joining the staff of the historic Voodoo Tattoo Club in Padua, a reference point where, under the guidance of his mentor Rudy Grifalconi, he learned the techniques and skills that quickly led him to face the tough path of a professional tattoo artist. A few years later, he decided to move to Trieste with the goal of improving even further. He found the perfect place to challenge himself at an even higher level in the Ricky Tattoo Studio. Working alongside highly skilled and experienced artists allowed him to begin gathering support at major events organized in Italy, Europe and opened up opportunities for collaborations with studios in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and England and Hungary. This allowed Alex to connect with an international community of artists and even relocate for an extended period to live and work in Cape Town, South Africa, where his now-solid skills allowed him to hold tattooing seminars and workshops This also allowed him to come into contact with a very engaging artistic reality. Upon his return to Italy, the stylistic imprint of his works gradually became more defined, revealing a very personal touch in balance between manic technical precision and the application of compact and brilliant shades. His journey and results have been noticed overseas and he quickly became part of the World Famous Tattoo Ink USA team, starting from that moment to work equipped with the best pigments and materials on the market. Now Alex has decided to put together all his experience, ideas and great passion for tattooing, creating his own personal studio where he can express himself without limits and without stopping to evolve. So… welcome to Morbink Tattoo Parlour.