Gianluca Semez | Tattoo artist from Trieste

Gianluca Semez was born in 1995 in Trieste, Italy. Since he was a child, he has shown a strong inclination towards drawing and art in all its forms. During his teenage years, he discovered the world of tattooing and his passions immediately found a precise direction. He began to frequent various tattoo studios in Trieste and quickly realized that he wanted to pursue the profession. Since 2016, he has been practicing his profession at Morbink Tattoo Parlour in Trieste, under the capable wing of Alessandro Perticucci. His artistic inclination leads him to prefer a geometric-ornamental style and dotwork. He favors the creation of works in symmetry, which follow and dress the body lines, harmonizing geometric patterns and mandalas. Always linked to a strong spiritual connotation, his work refers to the teachings of the first mystical schools on the creation of the universe according to precise geometric models, whose harmony is recreated on the body through his tattooing technique.