Ivan “Trap” Trapiani | Tattoo artist in Trieste

Ivan Trapiani started his tattooing career over 20 years ago in Piove di Sacco, near Venice. He studied painting and illustration at the Academy of Venice where he developed his own sensitivity in understanding and developing tattooing and arts in general. Today his personal studio in his hometown is among the most celebrated and acclaimed in Italy, with a very high number of awards and recognitions obtained in national and international exhibitions. Ivan’s unmistakable style has evolved over the years by contaminating a mix of anatomical studies on realism with Gothic and dark atmospheres expertly linked by a minimalist graphic layout of strong aesthetic impact. His talent has allowed him to spread his vision of tattooing in some of the most important and famous studios in the world, and the Morbink Tattoo Parlour is proud to have him as a regular guest in its staff.