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Alessandro "Alex Pi " Perticucci

Born in Padova in 1983, Alessandro Perticucci, aka Alex Pi, is now the principle resident tattoo artist at Morbink Tattoo Parlour, Trieste. Alessandro started his career in Padova more than 10 years ago, joining the staff of the historic Voodoo Tattoo Club, first as an apprentice under the guidance of his mentor, Mr. Rudy Grifalconi, until he became a full professional. A few years later he decided to leave Padova and to start working in his mother’s hometown, Trieste, with the Ricky Tattoo Studio of Mr. Riccardo Bottino which was the perfect place to enhance his skills. Working alongside more experienced and better equipped artists than himself allowed him to develop his knowledge and technical abilities, to the point where he started exhibiting at tattoo conventions across Italy and Europe. He also started working as a guest-artist in famous studios in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. This gave him every opportunity to meet other artists, learn new techniques and styles. He spent a long period living and working in South Africa, where he held seminars and conferences all over the country, meeting a lot of artists and coming into contact with different points of view about tattooing and art in general. Over the last few years, his own individual style has evolved and been refined. It mixes the traditional old-school wave with modern illustrative art, creating a fusion art form that is often described as “new traditional”. It was noticed in the US, and in no-time he was included in the World Famous Tattoo Ink Team and started working with indisputably the best grade equipment and materials. Now he has decided to bring all his experience together and create his own tattoo studio in order to further develop the quality of his work. So, welcome to Morbink Tattoo Parlour.


Ivan "Trap" Trapiani

Ivan Trapiani started his career more than twenty years ago in Piove Di Sacco (Northern Italy): he studied art & painting in Venice where he developed a sensitive vision and a personal way of understanding tattoos and art in general. Today his tattoo studio, based near Venice, is boasted by a huge successes and several award-winnings at European tattoo conventions, which has helped him standing out as a top level tattoo artist. A long and intense artistic evolution has brought Ivan to create his own personal style, through a mix of realism blended with graphical images, producing an effect lying between dark, gothic and romantic, made by a wise mix of black and grey and a deep red dye. Ivan feels the need to spread his art all around the world. He collaborates as a guests with many famous Italian and International Tattoo Studios, recently joining the touring staff of the Buena Vista Tattoo Club (Germany). Morbink Tattoo Parlour is now proud to have him as a resident guest artist.